Have the peace of mind that your family, home, and valuables are safe- from anywhere in the world. Full Spectrum offers the newest and most technologically advanced comprehensive security packages available on the market. From infrared night vision cameras to automatic door locks, Full Spectrum can custom design a security package that completes your family's needs and moulds to the layout of your home.

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Home Theater

Never have to leave your home again to see a movie- with our Home Theater & Media Rooms, we can design a custom plan that includes anything you can think of. Whether you prefer a projector and screen or an 88 inch television, Full Spectrum can customize any setup into an easy-to-use Home Theater or Media Room all at the touch of your mobile app. 

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Crestron's Automated Custom Shades are a great way to maintain privacy within your home and save a significant amount on heating and cooling. Without proper shading, your energy bill can increase by as much as 25% for heating and 75% for A/C. Each shade is connected to your custom app on a mobile device or touch panel- enabling you to control them from anywhere in the world.

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Lighting Control

Entertaining guests for the night? Left the house and wondering if you turned the lights off? Full Spectrum can install full lighting controls and create lighting scenes. At the touch of a button from your mobile device or a touch panel within your home, all of the lights in your house can turn on or off, saving you time, energy, and peace of mind. 

The system will learn your behavior throughout the home, keeping track of when you turn lights on and off, and mimic this same behavior when you are away from home to make your home appear occupied.


HVAC Control

Crestron's Smart Thermostats make an excellent addition not only as a cost saving measure but as a matter of convenience. Occupancy sensors will signal the HVAC to turn on or off to your desired temperature when you enter and leave the home, increasing efficiency of the home and decreasing costs. If you are out of town, you can remotely change the thermostat from the app on your mobile device, ensuring that your home is running efficiently. 


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